1. The Romance is Gone! 4 Ways to Restore Intimacy

    One of the loudest complaints I hear in my Marriage Counseling practice here at Long Island Counseling is the romance that is gone! No more romantic dinners! No quiet evenings together! No special getaways! No romance in the bedroom! No pillow talk! …Read More

  2. Forgiveness: Healing the Hidden Injury

    Studies show that the practice of forgiveness can reduce depression, stress, anger and hurt. Forgiveness can generate a sense of peace, compassion, hope and self-confidence. It can put you on a path to healthier relationships and to a physically heal…Read More

  3. Emptiness: What’s Missing?

    We speak frequently about the spaces inside of us. We say “I’m full,” after a big meal. When we encounter someone superficial, we say “He’s an empty suit.” The phrase “full of herself,” denotes grandiosity or an excess of self-regard.…Read More

  4. VOLATILE RELATIONSHIPS:Rage and Obliteration

    I’d like to talk about volatility in relationships. You know what I mean: tempers get hot and things go from zero to sixty at the drop of a hat. Before you know it, you’re both screaming at the top of your lungs, hurling epitaphs at each other, a…Read More

  5. SEX: 5 Common Problems

    Sex takes place in the brain first!  Even with well-functioning sex organs, the ability to become aroused and sex hormones at appropriate levels, couples can fail to have satisfying sex.  That’s because if the self feels awkward, unsafe or distra…Read More

  6. Self Assertion: Entitled to Feel Entitled

      I recently heard about a woman’s second date with a man she had met online.  They were both in their late 50’s, with careers and grown children.  He was picking her up for breakfast, a quick get-together in the middle of the week.  They…Read More

  7. NARCISSISTS: Why It’s All About Them

    The Narcissist:  We’ve all met one! They’re hard to miss because they generate powerful reactions in us.  They can anger us and make us feel we don’t exist. They can hurt us and make us feel our needs are not important.  They often turn us i…Read More

  8. ARE YOU PRETENDING? False Self or Real Self?

    A false self develops to accommodate the unspoken needs of a parent who’s continued love and support are connected to the child’s ongoing accommodations.  A false self persists in the child long after the parent’s mandate is relevant and long …Read More

  9. PSYCHOANALYSIS: Healing and Understanding

    The problem with psychoanalysis is that it defies easy definition.  We start with Freud who privileged a segmented mind at war with itself, and move through more than 100 years of theory and practice to arrive at the present. Today, psychoanalysis i…Read More