Deeply Committed To My Patients

Long Island Counseling Provides

Sex Therapy
Anxiety and Depression Counseling
Individual Treatment
Professional Marriage Counseling
Comprehensive Couples Therapy
• Family Therapy
Individual Psychotherapy
• LGBT Couples
• LGBTQ Individuals
• Multicultural Counseling

I am Lisa Lempel-Sander, a licensed psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. My practice, Long Island Counseling, offers professional mental health counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for many issues that cause emotional pain.

I offer Professional, Comprehensive Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy. I have over 20 years of experience treating couples and individuals suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Addictions and Trauma, among many others. I work sensitively with Same-Sex, Mixed-Race, High-Conflict and Heterosexual couples. I provide compassionate and effective clinical support in working through Multi-Cultural Issues, Gender Identity Issues and the challenges facing Blended Families, among others. I proudly work with men and women across races, cultures, religions, cultures, sexual orientations and ethnicities.


Long Island Counseling Specialties

Eating Disorders
Anxiety Phobias & Fears
Substance Abuse
Panic Attacks
Trauma & PTSD
LGBT Gay Issues
Sex Therapy
Sexual Dysfunction
Couples & Marital Issues
High-Conflict Couples
Affairs and Infidelity
Sex Addiction
Social Anxiety
Gender Identity
Emotional Abuse
Self Esteem

.Many things cause emotional pain and can prompt a person to seek treatment. Keep in mind, however, that naming a problem is a starting point, but diagnosis is not the final goal of the therapy or of the therapist. Rather, treatment with a positive outcome is the goal of therapy.

Every person is unique, complex, and special. Every therapy is, therefore, necessarily unique, as it strives to meet the goals and hopes of each individual patient.

As a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, I love my work and am deeply committed to my patients. I work with couples—gay and straight—as well as with individuals and families who bring a broad array of concerns. Long Island Counseling protects the dignity, respect, and safety of all patients. No issue is too small, too unimportant, or too inappropriate for consideration.