Why seek Sex Therapy? If you’re worried about the presence of disturbing, erotically necessary fantasies about fetishes, children or other non-consenting persons. Or, if you’re engaged in risky masochistic and/or sadistic behaviors such as voyeurism or certain cross-dressing or other behaviors linked to arousal that have grown out of control and feel frightening. If your sexual life is stunted, unsatisfying or disturbing, Sex Therapy is a safe, non-judgmental option to help you regain healthy sexual functioning.

Good sex therapy will usually correct most problems, provided other causes are ruled out. The challenge for a good sex therapist is two-fold: (1) to teach and monitor the fairly simple behavioral modifications that have proven so effective in reducing sexual dysfunction, and (2) to skillfully handle the deeper issues that are often at the heart of certain dysfunctions.

Good sex therapy must also manage the anxieties and resistances that crop up during the treatment process. For example, when the prematurely ejaculating man begins to gain ejaculatory control, his partner will frequently grow anxious about continuing treatment for fear that success will result in her being left for “a more attractive” partner. Thus, because sex is so closely linked with intimacy and relationship, these areas can also be made a part of the therapy.

Who Can Seek Sex Therapy?

Long Island Counseling & Psychotherapy welcomes married or partnered individuals of any sexual orientation for sex therapy. Couples therapy or marital therapy is effective for same-sex unions and for heterosexual unions.

However, it is not necessary to have a sexual partner in order to seek and receive successful treatment for a sexual disorder. Self-stimulation exercises and assignments have been developed in the treatment strategies for the single patient. And, in respectful recognition of certain Orthodox Jewish and devout Catholic prohibitions against masturbation and “spilling seed,” modifications are made in order to remain within the bounds of a couple’s religious beliefs.

Sex therapy, or therapy that includes sexual issues is not surrogacy. Sex therapy is limited to verbal exchanges. A good sex therapist maintains an empathic, non-judgmental environment where it is safe for the individual and the couple to discuss and resolve difficult issues.

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