Does an affair or infidelity mean the marriage is over? Not necessarily!

  • Your Spouse is Remorseful and Wants to Make Changes
  • You Both View the Affair or Infidelity as a Symptom of a Problem You’ve both Created
  • You and Your Spouse Still Feel Committed to the Marriage and Each Other
  • You and Your Spouse are Willing to Do the Work of Healing Together
  • You and Your Spouse View the Affair or Infidelity as a WakeUp Call
  • You Both Want to Engage in Forgiveness

Don’t know the answers to these questions?

  • What Does it Mean to Work Towards Healing?
  • How to Forge a Strong Emotional Connection?
  • Whether You Can Forgive an Affair?
  • What are the Consequences of a Divorce?
  • Whether You’re Still In Love with Your Partner?
  • How to Have a Conversation Without Arguing?


DISCERNMENT COUNSELING IS A SPECIALLY DESIGNED PROTOCOL serving the undecided couple about whether to go forward with Divorce, reconciliation, or not do anything at all.  Discernment Counseling helps you find the answers to your questions.

THE BEST ANSWERS FOR BOTH OF YOU: Discernment Counseling does not promote any single agenda, and is not invested in any particular outcome other than the one you deem to be in your best interest.