Finding a Good Anxiety Therapist

ANXIETY TREATMENT: WHICH TREATMENT IS BEST?  Anxiety is a tough nut to crack.  Anxiety treatment takes a long time and often it’s only partially effective in reducing anxiety.  Most treatments, including behavior modification therapies and the like, are less effective than Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis.   Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis can often get to the heart of the matter, whereas behavioral therapies tend not to take into account the emotional sources of your fear that lead to the anxiety in the first place.  As a result, Psychotherapy has been shown to be more effective in the long term, whereas other therapies that simply try to cover symptoms with changes in thinking and behavior, generally have only temporary effectiveness.

ANXIETY AND FEAR:  When someone is anxious, they’re afraid.  But, importantly, they’re afraid of something that they can’t name.  Anxiety signals an unknown fear or terror, and that’s part of the treatment challenge: How to get close to something that the mind keeps hidden away because it’s too frightening to “know”?

FIND A GOOD ANXIETY THERAPIST:  Finding a good clinician in Nassau county to treat your anxiety is also a tough job.  How can you tell one therapist from another?  Who can help you manage and eventually triumph over your anxiety?


-experience with treating anxiety
-knowledge about how the mind works
-compassion for your suffering
-understanding of unconscious fear
-understanding of unconscious motivation
-ability to work with your entire self, including the unconscious parts of who you are
-demonstrated patience and ability to take things slowly and carefully
-comfort with all sorts of issues, including sexual issues, religious issues,  and marital issues

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