.DO YOU NEED HELP? Do you need help deciding whether to divorce, or whether to try a 6-month intensive healing reconciliation therapy with your spouse, or—even—whether to do nothing at all?  Confused and wondering if you can work it out? Are you on the fence, not sure which option would be best for you?  Not sure whether the marriage is worth saving?


• Want to understand what happened to your marriage?
• What caused the problems?
• Why it became derailed?
• Want to understand the dysfunction in your marriage?
• Want to look at the role you may have played?
• Looking to explore how each partner has participated?
• Want to learn what’s at the core of your own behaviors?
• Want to try to save your marriage?
• Need to improve how each of you behaves and reacts?
• Learn to be the best you can be?
• Need to Improve Your Emotional Intimacy?
• Need to Improve Communication?
• Try to work it out?
• Give yourself the best shot at saving your marriage?
• Need to explore the Divorce option?
• Find out what will Divorce mean for you and your family?
• Learn what will be the real-life consequences of Divorce?
• Explore how you really feel about Divorce?

DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO DIVORCE? It’s a big decision.  Most couples are not careful or methodical in their decision process.  And most marriage counseling does not help with the process of deciding what to do.

DISCERNMENT COUNSELING IS NOT MARRIAGE COUNSELING: It helps you decide what to do.  Discernment Counseling helps both partners explore their feelings about divorcing, keeping the status quo, or engaging in a 6-month intensive healing and reconciliation treatment program designed to re-engage you in a satisfying and rewarding relationship.   

What If We Don’t Agree? Even if you and your partner disagree now about which option is best, Discernment Counseling can still help you both.  Discernment Counseling is not marriage counseling—it won’t help you improve your marriage.  It’s set up to help you make a decision, working with each of you and with your differing perspectives to help you make an informed choice that will affect the rest of your life.   

DISCERNMENT COUNSELING Helps Couples Decide What to do:

  1.  Do Nothing
  2.  Proceed Toward Divorce
  3.  Engage in an Intensive Period of Reconciliation Counseling for a Limited Period of Time To See Whether the Marriage Can Be Saved


  1. Discernment Counseling treats both partners but doesn’t force any outcome
  2. Discernment Counseling works with conflicted couples
  3. Discernment Counseling is not marriage counseling

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