If you or someone you love has ever experienced the undue effects of substance abuse, then you know just how damaging this can be to the individual suffering, as well as their friends and families. Unfortunately, many never willingly seek out help for substance abuse, which can lead to the problem becoming much worse. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the telltale signs, both physical and behavioral, that can indicate that an individual is suffering from substance abuse.

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Physical Signs of Substance Abuse

While there are often many more behavioral signs associated with substance abuse, there are also a number of physical signs that may indicate that an individual is suffering from substance abuse. When more serious cases are of concern, individuals may be suffering from physical injuries such as bruising, infection, or track marks from harmful substances. In other cases, you may notice that an individual has experienced abrupt weight gain, or that their eyes are significantly dilated or constricted. While not always an indication of substance abuse, these physical signs should be cause for concern.

Behavioral Signs of Substance Abuse

If you notice rapid change in an individual’s behavior, they could be battling substance abuse daily. It is not uncommon for individuals to withdraw socially from their circle of friends while fighting substance abuse, and many of these individuals will also display other behavioral signs. From irritability and aggression to anxiety and depression, there are a number of red flags that may present themselves in different forms. In severe cases, substance abuse can be incredibly damaging for a person’s finances, and may even lead to some individuals committing crimes to support their substance abuse habit. As you can see, the more severe a person’s substance abuse is, the more glaring their behavioral and physical changes may be.

These are just a few of the many signs that a person could be struggling with substance abuse. If you or someone that you know is trying to battle substance abuse on their own, consider reaching out to trained professionals at Long Island Counseling. We have helped a number of individuals that were suffering from severe cases of substance abuse, and we are ready to help you too. To schedule a consultation with a psychotherapist at Long Island Counseling, visit our website at LongIslandCounseling.com or call us today at 516-882-1434. We look forward to speaking with you!