Personality disorders can be incredibly debilitating for those that suffer from mental illness. This type of disorder can cause undue stress to both friends and family members and can be harmful to the individual’s interpersonal relationships. However, many people that experience some sort of a personality disorder do not seek treatment. This is very troubling, especially when considering that, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, approximately 10 percent of the U.S. population has borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. Fortunately, in today’s article, we will be talking about just how easy it is to receive treatment from trained professionals at Long Island Counseling.

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How Do Personality Disorders Develop?

While genetics play a large role in determining whether a personality disorder can develop in an individual, there are also a number of other factors that can cause people to experience the effects of a personality disorder. For example, according to the American Psychological Association, “In a study of 793 mothers and children, researchers asked mothers if they had screamed at their children, told them they didn’t love them or threatened to send them away. Children who had experienced such verbal abuse were three times as likely as other children to have borderline, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive or paranoid personality disorders in adulthood.” As you can see, verbal abuse and other forms of childhood trauma can significantly increase the likelihood that an individual will develop some form of a personality disorder during their life.

How To Get Help for A Personality Disorder

Since many people carry intrinsic biases, it can be very difficult for those suffering from a personality disorder to even realize that they are a victim of mental illness. However, at Long Island Counseling, we’re here to help show that we offer a number of ways that you can combat the effects experienced by a personality disorder. If you are thinking about getting in touch with a medical professional that possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to help you understand your personality disorder, reach out to the experts at Long Island Counseling today. We are always accepting new patients, and we are also available to provide you with a professional consultation if you would like to learn more about our full offering of services. To get in touch with Long Island Counseling today, visit our website, or call us at 516-882-1434. We look forward to speaking with you!