What many people don’t realize is that your mental health is just as important, if not more important, than your physical health. In order to be truly happy, it’s important to make your mental health a priority. Even doing little things such as meditating or setting aside an hour to relax every evening can greatly improve your mental health, especially as we move closer to the winter months. That being said, taking time to care for your mental health isn’t easy for everyone, which is why in today’s post, we will provide you with five things you can do to improve your mental health.

While some people are able to care for their mental health on their own, that’s not the case for everyone, and sometimes you may feel like you need a little help. At Long Island Counseling, we offer both couples and individual counseling to help you get the support you need. Life is too short for you to struggle with your mental health alone, and we want to help. If you’re interested, explore our website to learn more about our individual counseling and couples therapy programs.

Talk About Your Feelings

Humans are naturally very emotional, and it’s normal to have feelings about everything, whether they’re good or bad. For this reason, it may come as no surprise that failing to express your feelings or trying to avoid talking about them can actually hurt your mental health. Instead, it’s better to talk about your feelings in any way that you can. In an ideal situation, you would have someone on your side who you can talk to about your feelings without fear of judgment, such as a close family member or friend or even a therapist. However, if you don’t have a close confidant in your life, you can always write down your feelings in a journal. As long as you take time to acknowledge your feelings and express them in whatever form feels most comfortable to you, it will help your mental health.

Manage Stress

Stress is something that everyone has in their life, and some people may have more than others. Regardless of how much stress you have in your life, learning to manage it is the important part. There are many ways to manage your stress, such as physical exercise, reading a book, or taking a long bath. These are examples of healthy stress management, and practicing them on a regular basis can actually improve your mental health and make coping with your stress easier. However, it can also be easy for some people to practice unhealthy ways of dealing with stress. If you would like to learn more about stress management, as well as a few tips on healthy ways to manage your stress, check out parts one and two of our previous blog series!

Keep Active

As we mentioned earlier, physical activity is a great way to manage your stress, but it can also help you manage your mental health! When you exercise, it releases endorphins in your brain, which make you feel happier — this is what people are talking about when they talk about a runner’s high. That being said, you shouldn’t force yourself to do physical activities that don’t make you feel good. For example, if you hate running, don’t force yourself to go on a run just for the sake of being active. Instead, try and find a type of physical activity that you enjoy, such as walking with a friend or doing yoga!

In addition to physical activities, keeping active can also refer to staying busy, especially if staying busy keeps you happy. Consider making plans with friends, even if it’s just to watch a movie or hang out at your home. Sometimes the simple act of being around friends can help you feel better mentally.

Take a Break

In today’s society, it’s common for people to go, go, go until they can’t anymore. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, even those who like to stay busy. Your brain and your body aren’t meant to stay active all the time, and if you feel yourself dragging, then there’s a good chance you need a break and have needed one for a long time. Part of caring for your mental health includes reminding yourself that it’s okay to take a break, whether that’s a break from work, from being around family, or just a break from your life in general. Make the decision to take a break where you don’t look at social media or talk to people, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. You may find that after taking a break, your mind is much clearer and ready to focus on the task at hand.

Find Ways to Relax

Relaxing is another wonderful way to care for your mental health. After a busy day, there’s nothing better than sitting back and doing whatever you need to do to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, relaxing is often easier said than done, so it’s up to you to find ways to relax that work for you. You can do this by writing down a few ideas of things that bring you joy and make you feel stress-free. Once you have a few ideas, the next step is to try them out! Perhaps you find it most relaxing to come home, change out of your work or school clothes, light a candle, and read for an hour. Maybe you are someone who is most relaxed when you’re in the kitchen cooking your favorite meal. Try out the ideas you wrote down until you find something that truly makes you feel at peace.

Reach Out to Long Island Counseling

Are you ready to start improving your mental health? Look no further than Long Island Counseling! We offer individual counseling and couples therapy, and we are more than happy to help people from all walks of life. There is never a wrong time to start improving your mental health, and we would like to offer the support and tools you need to get to where you want to be mentally. Explore our website to learn more about our services, and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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