If you are struggling to maintain a desirable relationship with your significant other, you may feel like there are a limited number of options to resolve your relationship’s internal conflicts. While fighting with your loved one may occasionally occur in healthy relationships, continuously fighting the same fight can lead to destructive relationships that are kept alive with conflict, arguing, and an inability to understand your partner’s point of view. These are just a few reasons why relationships become toxic which can ultimately lead to feelings of resentment towards your significant other. While no one plans on becoming distant with their loved one, the reality is that many individuals feel trapped in a relationship that they fear leaving.

During today’s blog, we will highlight just a few of the telltale signs that a couple should seek out couples counseling while outlining how couples counseling can help to rebuild partially broken relationships. If you are interested in learning about the most obvious signs that your relationship is at risk, read more on the subject below.

Conflict Between Couples

One of the main signs of a struggling relationship is an overall lack of communication. Many couples that fail to effectively communicate with each other often become resentful of their partner, leading to a further lack of communication. When communication in relationships fail, it can be detrimental to other aspects of you and your partner’s lives. After an extended period of conflict, you may even begin to notice the sexual intimacy between you and your partner begin to dwindle. This is common for many struggling relationships, as one of the main indicators of a healthy relationship is a healthy sex life. If you are experiencing any of the following characteristics listed below, consider seeking couples counseling from Long Island Counseling today.

Seek Couples Counseling If:

  • You frequently think about separating from your partner
  • You feel isolated or lonely
  • You lack the emotional connection you once had with your partner
  • You have begun to resent your significant other
  • There is infidelity in the relationship

While these are not the only indicators of a struggling relationship, they are some of the most glaring problems that many couples face who suffer from a struggling relationship. Fortunately, at Long Island Counseling, we have the proper tools and longstanding knowledge to help couples overcome the conflict they may be experiencing in their day-to-day lives.

If you are committed to a relationship that lacks the joy and excitement that it once did, there is a very good chance that you could be experiencing the undesirable qualities of a failing relationship. Luckily, Long Island Counseling frequently works with couples of all ages in helping them bridge the line of communication once again. To find out if couples counseling is right for you, simply contact our office today! We have helped a number of individuals and couples combat phobias, trauma, substance abuse, and many other qualities that can impact an individual’s daily life. If you would like to learn more about our many services offered to patients, visit our website today!