You don’t have to be married to benefit from couples counseling. In fact, going to counseling before you walk down the aisle can be incredibly beneficial to your future marriage. This pre-marital couples counseling isn’t just for couples who are unhappy or considering calling off an engagement. Many happy couples find that their relationship is strengthened even more through the discussions, intimacy, and honesty that are fostered in the counseling setting. If you’ve wondered about couples counseling and whether or not it’s the right choice for you and your partner before you get married, take a few moments to read about some of the benefits many of our clients experience.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling Before You Are Married

You work out issues you are having now.

No relationship is perfect. Even if you are madly in love with one another, you’ve probably had a fight or two along the way. If you haven’t, that could be a sign that you are avoiding something. Take time to work out those issues now and you’ll be able to walk down the aisle without any unresolved conflict causing you hesitation.

You can create a plan for your future.

There are a lot of topics that are difficult for couples to talk about but that are so important for the health of their relationship. Those topics include sex, children, money, and relationships with their family. Couples counseling gives you a safe, neutral space to talk about those topics so you can make the tough choices and know that you are both on the same page.

It can help you develop better communication skills.

Learning to communicate well with each other now is a skill that you can use for the rest of your lives. It can help you overcome difficult times in the future and help create a bond between you that just gets stronger. Good communication skills aren’t something we’re born with, they are learned, and couples counseling is the perfect time to learn them.

You’ll learn to fight healthier.

You are going to have disagreements as a married couple, even if you go through couples counseling beforehand. The important thing is how you handle those fights. Learning to fight fair in a relationship can help prevent lasting damage or toxic habits from forming. You’ll understand how to disagree with one another without it imploding your relationship.

It could actually reduce your risk of divorce.

Most people are familiar with the statistic that one in two marriages ends in divorce. That’s a scary statistic for someone who is considering a walk down the aisle. Pre-marital counseling can actually lower the chance that you’ll get a divorce. According to a study done in 2006, it can lower your risk from a 50% chance of divorce to just a 20% chance of divorce.

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