What is Online Therapy?  Therapy online is any therapy conducted outside of the traditional face-to-face arrangement.  This includes therapy using the following platforms or modalities:

-Any other platform that permits two people to speak with one another.

DIFFERENT PLATFORMS:  On some of the platforms or modalities mentioned here, visual contact is available.  But, not on all.  For example, you can conduct therapy via simple telephone and forego visual contact altogether.  On other platforms such as Skype or FaceTime, visual contact is maintained.

IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?  This is a changing world.  Gone is the mandate that therapy must be conducted in the traditional clinical setting where patient and analyst are face-to-face.  Let’s face it; you’re busier than you ever were.  You’re possibly too far from a good therapist, and perhaps you have other needs that makes therapy online a good option.  In deciding whether counseling online is right for you, here are some considerations:

-Do you prefer being in the same room as the person with whom you’re speaking?
-Do you prefer not to look at the therapist while you discuss difficult matters?
-Do you live or work far from the therapy location?
-Do you need a flexible therapy schedule?

DEBUNKING A FEW MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT COUNSELING ONLINE:  There are some common misconceptions about online therapy or online counseling:

-You won’t be fully understood by the therapist.
-Therapy online will limit your connection to your therapist.
-Online counseling is not the same as in-person treatment.

THE TRUTH:  In fact, if properly conducted, online therapy can help you in the same way as good in-person therapy can.  The telephone or FaceTime connection can promote safe and intimate interaction, allowing you to feel deeply understood.

-Online therapy can be as effective as in-person work.
-Online therapy does not prevent affect and emotion from being part of the work.
-Online therapy does not necessarily put distance between you and therapist.
-Online therapy can facilitate intimate and emotionally meaningful connection.
-Online therapy, when properly used, can mimic the calm and safety of the clinical setting.
-Visual contact is not absolutely necessary for good clinical work to take place.

MARRIAGE COUNSELING ONLINE:  If you’re looking for marriage counseling but feel that online therapy would best fit your needs and the needs of your partner, Long Island Counseling can provide marriage counseling using any of the modalities listed above.

TRYING ONLINE THERAPY:  If you’re considering therapy online, you have the right to explore how it feels to you.  You have the right to try it out with the therapist before committing to it.  Long Island Counseling conducts online therapy for its patients who prefer it and offers all patients the chance to try it.  If you’re curious about how it works or would like to speak with someone about it, please contact us.  We’re happy to try to answer all of your questions.

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