WELCOME TO THE ASIAN COMMUNITIES:  Long Island Counseling welcomes the Asian and South Asian communities into its growing and diverse practice.  We proudly celebrate all of our neighbors and serve all who reach out to us with dignity and respect.

WE ALL EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL PAIN:  We are located in the heart of Queens where ethnic, cultural and religious diversity is a founding principle of community.  In time of need, Long Island Counseling understands that emotional pain and marriage difficulties can destabilize and undermine you and your family.  From time to time, we all suffer, and Long Island Counseling wants to be part of the solution.

DIGNIFIED TREATMENT FOR ALL:  We offer private, respectful, and experienced help for couples seeking professional marriage counseling or professional couples therapy.  We offer dignified treatment for high-conflict couples, couples who’ve suffered with infidelity or an affair, or who’ve struggle with internet pornography or other sexual and intimacy issues.

YOU ARE UNIQUE!  Each couple is unique.  No two couples are alike.  Your treatment is also unique, designed to address your specific concerns and challenges.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING AND COUPLES COUNSELING:  Long Island Counseling extends its services to both couples and individuals of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, offering skilled and compassionate psychological help.   Daytime and evening hours are available.

Please call 516.882.1434