1. Top Phobias Explained

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “an estimated 12.5% of U.S. adults experience specific phobia at some time in their lives.” If you suffer from an irrational fear or choose to avert certain situations based on preconceived fe…Read More

  2. Is Anxiety Therapy Right for You?

    Anxiety is a common occurrence that plagues millions of Americans each year. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in …Read More

  3. ARE YOU PRETENDING? False Self or Real Self?

    A false self develops to accommodate the unspoken needs of a parent who’s continued love and support are connected to the child’s ongoing accommodations.  A false self persists in the child long after the parent’s mandate is relevant and long …Read More

  4. PSYCHOANALYSIS: Healing and Understanding

    The problem with psychoanalysis is that it defies easy definition.  We start with Freud who privileged a segmented mind at war with itself, and move through more than 100 years of theory and practice to arrive at the present. Today, psychoanalysis i…Read More

  5. WHY SOME MARRIAGES FAIL: Repairing Past Injuries

    Marriages fail.  In fact, the American Psychological Association tells us that 40-50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.  Why?  Here’s an explanation .  .  . I want to try to write here about the unlikely union of Joe, the only child of m…Read More

  6. Personality Disorders Explained

    Mental disorders can significantly impact an individual’s day-to-day life in such a way that it can be difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. This can be incredibly frustrating, and can cause individuals to have a false sense of the world aro…Read More

  7. PERSPECTIVE: A Different Point of View

    Why do partners argue?  What’s at the heart of anger?  When it comes to perspective, we can say that when a person’s perspective is felt to be disregarded, it causes resentment.  When difference is not recognized, it, too, causes anger.  Too …Read More

  8. Tips To Combat Depression: Part Two

    In part one of our two-part series, we briefly discussed three easy ways that you can reduce the effects felt by depression. While getting back to an optimal state of physical and mental health may be difficult, with the proper tools and knowledge at…Read More

  9. Tips To Combat Depression: Part One

    Depression is a debilitating mental disorder that can cause individuals a significant deal of both physical and mental distress. Those suffering from depression know just how big of an effect it can have on their wellbeing, as days become harder to g…Read More