1. When To Seek Couples Counseling

    If you are part of a faltering marriage, you know just how difficult it can be to maintain hope for your current situation. When neither parties of a marriage are willing to accommodate one another’s needs, this can create a toxic environment that …Read More

  2. INFIDELITY: Discussing the Details

    The important question: How much do you want to know, and why? If your partner has had an affair—if there’s been infidelity in your relationship—how much do you want to know?  Obviously, infidelity violates the bond of trust that healthy relat…Read More

  3. How to Deal With Money and Marriage

    Many of the couples who seek marriage counseling in Long Island cite money as a major concern in their relationship. For some couples, money and finances can become the main point of disagreement in the relationship. Issues surrounding money can bec…Read More

  4. KEEPING LOVE: How To Keep Love in Your Relationship

    Recognition—in all of its various aspects—is the key to keeping love alive.  If you don’t see or understanding something important about yourself or partner,  or if your partner doesn’t “get” something important about you or about himse…Read More

  5. EMOTIONAL ATTUNEMENT: Strengthening Your Marriage

    WHAT’S THE EMOTIONAL TONE OF YOUR MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP?  There’s a lot of chatter about what behaviors help strengthen a marriage or relationship.  Much of that chatter points to the value of spending time together.   We see numerous refe…Read More

  6. MARRIAGE COUNSELING: How It Really Works

    Taking a Look Behind Closed Doors What is marriage counseling? What should you expect from marriage counseling? How does it help? Can marriage or couples counseling save a failing relationship? It’s mysterious—what goes on behind the closed doors…Read More


    EXPLORING MORE OF WHY COUPLES ARGUE Who Do We Marry?  And, why?  When marriages fall apart, the resentments often sound like this: “ .  .  . He was as self-involved as my father and they both mostly put their own needs before mine.  How was I …Read More

  8. ​THE SAME FIGHT: Why We Do It

    THE DARK TRUTH ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE Couples in conflict: they have the same argument over and over.  They trigger the same resentments, provoke the same painful responses from each other and engage in the same awful behaviors as they did in their l…Read More