1. When To Seek Couples Counseling

    If you are part of a faltering marriage, you know just how difficult it can be to maintain hope for your current situation. When neither parties of a marriage are willing to accommodate one another’s needs, this can create a toxic environment that …Read More

  2. Are You Part of A High-Conflict Relationship?

    Being in a high-conflict relationship can bring undue stress and turmoil into you and your partner’s life. If not resolved, high-conflict relationships almost always end in divorce, as they are the byproduct of constant fighting, resentment, and de…Read More

  3. HOW TO FIGHT WELL: 5 Ways to Keep It Fair

    Fights happen!  All couples fight.  It’s just that couples in healthy relationships fight better.  Unhealthy relationships or marriages with a high degree of conflict suffer because the partners don’t know how to fight well. THE GOODNESS OF TH…Read More


    Are you looking for a marriage counselor?  Are you looking to talk with a marriage counselor who can also provide sex therapy?  My work with couples embraces both traditional marriage counseling as well as sex therapy.  We focus on both the emotio…Read More

  5. Signs You Should Seek Out Couples Counseling

    If you are struggling to maintain a desirable relationship with your significant other, you may feel like there are a limited number of options to resolve your relationship’s internal conflicts. While fighting with your loved one may occasionally o…Read More

  6. INFIDELITY: Discussing the Details

    The important question: How much do you want to know, and why? If your partner has had an affair—if there’s been infidelity in your relationship—how much do you want to know?  Obviously, infidelity violates the bond of trust that healthy relat…Read More

  7. COUPLES COMMUNICATION: Do You Feel Understood?

    HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?   It’s Saturday morning.  You and your partner have plans!  You’ve decided to spend the day running some fun errands and catching up together.  You’ve discussed getting breakfast then stopping at the car deal…Read More

  8. How to Deal With Money and Marriage

    Many of the couples who seek marriage counseling in Long Island cite money as a major concern in their relationship. For some couples, money and finances can become the main point of disagreement in the relationship. Issues surrounding money can bec…Read More