ALL PARTNERSHIPS WELCOME:  Long Island Counseling warmly welcomes married or partnered individuals of any sexual orientation, and from any cultural, political or gender background, for sex therapy. Sex therapy for couples is effective for same-sex unions, for heterosexual unions and for transgender unions.

SINGLES WELCOME TOO!  However, it is not necessary to have a sexual partner in order to seek and receive successful treatment for a sexual disorder or concern.  Psychotherapy is appropriate and masturbation or self-stimulation exercises and specific assignments have been developed in the treatment strategies for the single patient.

And, in respectful recognition of certain Orthodox Jewish and devout Catholic prohibitions against masturbation and “spilling seed,” modifications are made in order to remain within the bounds of a couple’s religious beliefs.

SEX THERAPY IS NOT SURROGACY:  Sex therapy, or therapy that includes sexual issues is not surrogacy. Sex therapy is limited to verbal exchanges. A good sex therapist maintains an empathic, non-judgmental environment where it is safe to discuss and resolve difficult issues.