OVERVIEW:  Couple’s therapy or marriage counseling for same-sex couples is surprisingly similar to couple’s therapy for heterosexual couples.  Marriages of all stripes can become burdened with conflict and can suffer when the partners are not communicating well.  Same-sex couples, like all couples, need help with resolving differences, negotiating compromises, managing family responsibilities, handling stress, and protecting and developing intimacy.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  When you and your partner engage in marriage counseling or couples counseling, you start of process of inquiry, discovery and healing.  Your experience will include the opportunity to speak at length about your distress.  You will learn how to share your thinking and your feelings.  And you will learn how to listen actively. You will discover the satisfaction that comes with being heard and deeply understood by your partner.

WORKING ON CONFLICT:  Some couples present with specific areas of conflict.  For some, this area is money or financial; for others it’s sexual.  Some partnerships are filled with conflict because there is little skill in negotiating compromise.  Other partnerships have areas of anger, emptiness or miscommunication that weakens the relationship.

INFIDELITY:   When there’s been infidelity in a marriage or partnership and the couple wishes to stay together, good treatment with an experienced clinician can help the couple understand why the infidelity occurred.  Most importantly, a good clinician can usually help the couple repair the dysfunction so that the relationship becomes a source of satisfaction and comfort again.

SAME-SEX EROTICISM:  No two partnerships or marriages share the same erotic framework.  Whether same-sex or heterosexual—every partnership is different.  From this starting point, we can approach the sexual lives of each marriage with respect for the specific needs of the couple.  Whether the complaint is with intimacy in general, with specific performance, with frequency, style, or preferences, a good clinician can answer your questions and carefully untangle the complex issues and confusion, helping you and your partner to understand and correct the dysfunction.