Can Sex Therapy Teach You How To Be a Good Lover?

COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT BEING A GOOD LOVER: Are you a good lover?  Is your partner a good lover?  To be a good lover, what kind of sex drive is needed? What’s the difference between sex drive and sexuality?  How do I get in contact with my sexuality?  How can I help my partner to be a better lover?  Are your inhibitions interfering with good sex?  Are you obsessed with “performance”?  Unable to surrender to the moment?  Are you unable to feel sexual?  Do you worry about the “end goal” or orgasm, and fail to take your time in order to build passion?  Do you enjoy giving pleasure as much as you enjoy receiving it?

CAN SEX THERAPY MAKE YOU A BETTER LOVER?  Yes!  Sex therapy or sexual psychotherapy can help you to achieve healthy, satisfying sexual activity.


  • If you’re inhibited and uncomfortable with surrender
  • If you’re shy about communicating your sexual needs
  • If you’re worried about achieving orgasm
  • If you can’t tell what your partner wants
  • If you’re nervous about sexual play and experimentation
  • If you’re anxious about your body image
  • If you’re confused about technique
  • If you want to be more sexually responsive to your partner
  • If you want to become a better lover

SEX THERAPY CAN TEACH YOU GOOD TECHNIQUE: Sex Therapy can teach you how to be responsive to your own sexual needs and to your partner’s sexuality.  Sex therapy can help you discover your own unique sexuality and can help you bring it with you into the bedroom and make it a part of your lovemaking.  Sex therapy can help you become a better lover.

SEX THERAPY CAN TEACH YOU CONFIDENCE IN THE BEDROOM:  It’s true: sex starts in your head!  Think about it:  It’s difficult to be sexually aroused when you’re nervous about your performance, or about your body, or about your ability to orgasm.  It’s impossible to achieve an erection or to become lubricated if you’re uncomfortable, or in pain, or afraid of making a mistake.  Sex Therapy can educate you about all aspects of sexual engagement.  Here at Long Island Counseling, we believe that no question or concern is too small.  A well-trained Long Island sex therapist should be skilled at teaching you to understand your own sexuality and the sexuality of your partner.

WHAT SORTS OF THINGS CAN I LEARN FROM SEX THERAPY?  If you’re looking for a Long Island Sex Therapist because you want to become a better lover, here are some areas you can expect to work on:

  • How to tune in to my erotic desires?
  • How to take my time in becoming aroused?
  • How to turn my partner on?
  • How to maintain an erection for longer foreplay?
  • How to engage in foreplay?
  • How to be sexual?
  • How to sense my partner’s sexual needs?
  • How to tell if my partner likes what I’m doing?