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• You fight the same fight over and over
• You fight frequently without resolution
• You both feel resentment and anger
• The relationship lacks emotional connection
• There’s been infidelity or an affair
• You’re struggling, unhappy and depressed
• You feel disconnected, lonely, and sad
• Thinking about Discernment Counseling?
• Need help deciding whether to divorce?
• Communication has broken down
• Your relationship lacks sexual intimacy
• You’re considering divorce or separation
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If you’re seeing signs of a bad marriage, Long Island Counseling can help with professional marriage counseling. You know your relationship is in trouble when neither of you wants to meet the needs of the other. Eventually, the relationship becomes mutually withholding and antagonistic, and fails to offer the satisfaction you had hoped for.

The stress of a joyless relationship adds to the trouble. It makes it difficult to imagine healing without professional help. Lisa Lempel-Sander at Long Island Counseling is a trained relationship therapist who offers professional and effective marriage counseling. For over 20 years, she's worked with partners of all ages, genders, lifestyles, including, single-sex partnerships, male-female partnerships, and high-conflict couples.

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