• If you’re losing patients because you’re not fully getting something
• If you’re curious about different theoretical approaches
• f you’re overlooking material because of unconscious roadblocks
• If you’re looking to deepen your connection with patients
• If you’re grappling with a difficult clinical situation


Deepen and enrich your connection with patients


I provide individual supervision for clinicians in all stages of their careers:

• Supervision is provided to:
• Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists
• Clinical Social Workers, LCSW, MSW
• Psychiatrists/MD’s
• Clinical psychologists PhD., PsyD
• Other Mental Health Professions seeking clinical supervision
• Students and Trainees


How You will benefit from Supervision:

1. You will learn how to hear all of the material. Believe it or not, in supervision, you will share your work with me in such a way as will make it possible for us both to uncover the hidden or latent content in your patient’s narrative. I will teach you how to listen more acutely and how to recognize your patient’s unconscious content.

2. You will learn how to see and evaluate the entire arc of the treatment. This includes helping you formulate a theoretical approach that meets the patient’s needs, and helping you formulate an interpretive position that allows you to facilitate the productive unfolding of your patient’s material.

3. You will learn about your own strengths and blind spots. You will learn how to manage and make good use of your personal triggers in order to deepen and enrich your work.

4. You will learn how to work best with certain types of patients. Each couple or patient requires specific tailoring of your therapeutic stance. Developing a finely-tuned position will enhance your work and bring out the best in both you and your patient, solidify the therapeutic tie and ensure that you are providing useful and deeply satisfying treatment.


Lisa Lempel-Sander is a NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst who received her Certificate in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from The National Psychoanalytic Association for Psychoanalysis (NPAP).

She has over 2 decades of clinical and supervisory experience, and specific experience treating couples, including high-conflict couples in her private practice in Douglaston Manor. She also has long-time experience working with trauma and with ‘the difficult’ patient.

Lisa Lempel-Sander is a Senior Faculty Member and Supervisor at the Suffolk Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

For almost 10 years, she has taught psychoanalytic theory and clinical case writing to post-doctorate psychoanalytic candidates in the four-year certificate-granting program at SIPP. Her weekly teaching seminars feature clinical material, theory and process. In her classes, Lisa Lempel-Sander provides ongoing evaluation and assessment of students’ clinical work and oversees integration of case material and written case presentation.

Why Supervision?

Your dedication and commitment to your patients should be matched with mastery and competence in clinical technique. I approach your work with the same humility and respect I approach my own clinical work. Together, we will look to enhance your mastery and your confidence, to understand roadblocks, to make good use of the transference and counter-transference. Our endeavor is a mutual one, and our aim is to form a partnership in the discovery of meaning.

Your questions are important to me.  All inquiries will be answered during regular business hours.

Please call 516∙882∙1434